The Yoga Shift

with Erin LoPorto


Welcome to The Yoga Shift; your source for inspiration, healing, fun and of course, yoga.

I have studied all sorts of yoga, but the yoga I am most passionate about is the yoga that inspires you to live your highest purpose.  Though I am a yoga teacher and I teach an asana practice, I am excited about having this platform to teach about the millions of other ways to practice yoga, to heal your body and heart, to inspire you to find yourself aligned with your LIFE and allow yourself to be fully expressed!  I bow to all of you who make the journey into your center to live from your heart.  I know that journey will find you in a place where you are your own greatest teacher, where you are the hero of your own story, where infinite possibilities await you.

I do not promise to offer anything your own heart doesn’t already know better than I.  It’s just that as we move through life, there are times that we don’t want to hear what our heart has to say; we are taught to actively ignore it and value someone else’s agenda; we worry so loudly about the little things we have packed into the day, we forget what our own voice sounds like.  We become disconnected from ourselves and therefor from all around us.  Meanwhile, that patient, forgiving and unconditionally loving center silently waits for us to return to it.  And that return journey is what The Yoga Shift is all about.

I know the things I’ve healed from, the challenges I’ve overcome, and the incredible and gifted teachers from whom I’ve gained the tools, wisdom and love that have brought me to this free and happy place.  It is only my greatest wish that I am able to pass it on to you by offering the space, the guidance, the tools and support to get you where you want to be; to navigate and heal any unprocessed grief, anger and fear as you move deep into your truth. I am here for you with an open heart, an open ear, ready to see you fully expressed and shining like only you can.

I am so grateful that you are here. I hope you enjoy my site.  I look forward to hearing from you so we can continue to grow together.

Om Shanti

Erin LoPorto, E-RYT 500

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